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Friday, May 15, 2009

Par le vous Francais?

While doing research for our final paper in this class, I came across a you tube video that the Cato institute had posted. Apparently our fearless leader, President Obama, has been vacationing in France ( yes, you did pay for this). Upon returning to our country, he spoke about how wonderful the country is and how delightful his time was and then he proceeded to speak about their wonderful welfare system. He seems to think that we should enact some of the policies that the French enjoy. Welfare programs that exceed 50% of GDP. Per capita income of around 33,000. Oh, and the best part...a yearly disposable income after taxes of approximately 18,000. All so everyone can enjoy nationalized health insurance that decreases the quality of care received and the affordability of health care for those who don't qualify but who are paying for everyone who does. I can't wait to see what his next great idea is.

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