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Friday, May 01, 2009

Farm Aid is not only a Concert

The United States government continues to provide farm subsidies to our farming industry. This continues in a country that possesses ample/fertile land, clean water and world leading farming technology. The United States spent over $20 billion on farm subsidies in 2008. This transfer of taxpayers income to a thriving, self-sufficient industry has got to stop.

A common misconception is that farm subsidies are provided to 1) Help small family farms and 2) Lower the price of food. Unfortunately, this is not the case as a majority of subsidies (72-percent) are provided to only 10 percent of farmers. In addition, "conservation" subsidies are paid to farmers not to farm on their land. This actually decreases the supply of food, thus raising food prices,

In troubled economic times the United States government must be ended to fund other government programs or maybe, just maybe cut our federal budget. The United States farming industry does not need government involvement or aid to succeed. It is a perfect example of government "pork" in an industry that does not need government intervention.

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