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Sunday, March 29, 2009

"The fundamentals of our economy are strong."

During the race for president last fall McCain said, “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.” Obama blasted McCain by telling the people the McCain did not get it. That he was out of touch with the typical American. Obama is a master at saying what the people what to hear without really saying anything. Two week ago, Obama’s people went on Sunday morning shows and said “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.” Media from the right and the left pointed out that when McCain said this he was ridiculed by Obama. How can this statement be true now when it was not true six months ago when the unemployment was lower and the stock market higher? But it just doesn’t seem to matter to the majority of Americans. The vast majority of them have very short memories. As long as they are hearing what they want to hear, they are happy. If President Obama and his people say the fundaments are strong now, it must be true now. It’s gotta be rational irrationality. Average Americans either do not listen or only hear what they want to hear. Rational ignorance and rational irrationality run amok in this country.

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