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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blogging, one of the least time consuming and most fulfilling assignments of any economics class i have ever taken. Although I generally tend to wait to the last minute to complete this task, it is in those few crucial minutes before midnight that i come across the best news articles to blog about. CNN. com posted a commentary by Ruben Navarrette out of San Diego titled "Obama is flunking economics", after reading the article and having been an economic major, I noticed there were little to no direct referecnes about principles of economics. This brought me back to the rational irrational voter we talked about so many times in class. Someone who wants to be informed will find fullfillment in their efforts to peruse the archives on cnn, come acrosss this article and feel justified in regurgitating the title to collegers and friends the next time a political dissicussion arises. They, not knowing the fundamentals of economics, although having "researched" the topic, have thus become the rational irrational individual. The pursuit of political understanding is commendable one, however, without a sound educated background.. it is futile.

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