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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rising costs could push college out of reach

Something that I'm sure most of us might be concerned with is the cost of college. As the economy continues to struggle, and money becomes even more troublesome to come by, college tuition is continuing to rise. It's no surprise to me that we only have 34% of young Americans in college compared to some of the other countries. It really does show, at least in my opinion. If we want to remain the super power we do, I believe that we need to increase this number.
Something really needs to be done in the United States to fix this issue or in a few years we will most likely even have less young Americans attending college as it goes out of reach. Loans are harder to come by as well with the recent issues faced by some of the larger banks and lending companies.
College tuition in no way should be out pacing inflation the way it is, its not only hurting us as a society but also making us fall behind. However, it is interesting to see what some people are able to do without a degree. The entrepreneurs who have made millions or even billions based on their ideas and bravery to implement new technology or go for the stocks others stray from.
One could only hope that the plans that Obama has stated may in fact help this problem out, and the United States is able to increase its numbers of college attendees.
It would be interesting to see the worst case scenario where in two hundred years or so there is such a minuscule amount of people attending college that some careers and companies have to start hiring those without degrees to stay in business. Or even where its only the Community Colleges and State Colleges that have students since the Ivy Leagues are well out of the reach of students.

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