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Saturday, December 20, 2008

President vs. the Economy

All these newspaper stories and television news items that relate to economy always seem to relate to the president. Everyone wants to know what the president is going to do to fix the economy. I do not believe that the president is the one who needs to fix anything. There is only one thing the president can do to fix the economy, and that is tax. The president maybe able to push policy and give away money, but his only real power to change the economy is in his power to tax.

The person we should all be looking at to fix the economy is the Fed Chairman, Bernanke. He is the crux of the economic welfare of this country. We sold all be asking him when he is going to change interest rates, and hope that he does not decide to print new money. Bernanke should be the one getting the spot light yet, I have heard little to nothing about him in this poor economic time.

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