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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Economists declare: Water is Wet!

There has been so much in the news recently about all these economic downturns. It is also plainly evident in these others blogs. And now that I am reaching the end of my college career, people seem to be asking me about my opinion of the market and where things are going. But just recently, we have made it official that we are in a recession. Hearing this seemed funny to me. It as been felt if not known that we were going to enter recession, all the news is about this economy. Yet recently it is breaking news that economists declare we are in a recession.

It seems a little funny to me, a couple weeks ago when people ask me if we are in a recession yet. I could only give the answer 'no' because we had not hit our two quarter drop yet. With the stock market crashing, everyone knew we were in a recession, but there seemed to be a lag time with economists. We continued to say no, even if it was painfully obvious.

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