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Monday, November 24, 2008


I keep hearing things that don't add up quite right. To begin with before Obama was elected he was trying to call the hype about him 'bringing back the economy' and trying to explain to people that it was probably going to take longer than expected, it wouldn't be over night, etc. So now he's being more ambitious? If he didn't think he could get away with what he first proposed then why is he making to task more difficult? Now he is also saying that he's going to hold off on the tax increases for those who make over $250,000 for two years, but he's lower taxes for the lower and middle class immediately, and while doing this he wants to take $700 billion and revive the economy by shocking it. I'm a little curious as to where this money comes from if the government is going to be making less from taxes. But wait it doesn't stop there, the government has 7.4 trillion dollars just waiting to be injected into the economy, to cause inflation because according to Charles Schumer we're dangerously close to deflation. Now I will gladly admit to anybody I have not been keeping up on my news (for most of the semester I have not had internet or television so I've relied on my poli-sci boyfriend to keep me updated to some extent) but last time I checked we had some extra inflation on our tails- so let's cause more so we can be extra sure we stay away from deflation? This is going to be a strange economic revival package that's for sure...

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