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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Second Coming of Karl Marx?

Don't say the global economic slowdown is bad for everybody. Marxists love it. Sales of Karl Marx's book Das kapital and The Communist Manifesto are up 300% in Germany. Could this economic slowdown mean the end of Capitalism? A lot of people are certainly considering that as they are anxious to get back to the basics of socialism.

If socialism were to prevail, deciding what government's role should be would be easy. Government would be the only polluters so they wouldn't need to tax themselves; everything would become a public good because there would be no market; Government wouldn't need to provide policies to help the poor because there would be no poor, rather EVERYBODY would be treated as poor because of systems like rent-control, socialized medicine, and welfare.

Yup, it makes sense to me. The economy had a hiccup and as a result worldwide sales of Marx have risen. Put these two factors together and how you think anything but that we're headed for socialism? On a side note, I find it ironic that books on communism are sold at market price don't you?

While rising book sales is deffinately a signal, I am worried by the different signals we are not seeing. When we witness a presidential and vice presidential cannidate OPENLY and DIRECTLY suggest welath distribution and natioanlized healthcare, among other ideas of socialization, and NO ONE seems to notice (except those who recognize it) and the press seems to agree with socailism, then that signal scares me more than rising book sales. It seems unsaid signals may be more important?
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