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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rationally Irrational anyone?

The LA Times wrote an article about McCain losing votes, and even states about mid-October, and it is interesting to listen to some of the reason. One thing that I have personally noticed (in my few conscious elections) is that the American voters tend to care less about what the policy is, but more who stands firm in their policy. Uh oh. What this says to me is that the American voters are willing to take a bad policy over one that changes a little bit from time to time. Yes we want our president to be sure of what he is doing, but I'd rather have someone who needed to ask for help (from an economist preferably) than someone who just had a poor plan. Apparently, many Republicans grew upset over McCain suspending his campaign to works on the economic crisis, which doesn't make any sense. He felt confident enough in his Republican voters that he suspended his campaign to help the economy out, which is the big issue right now, so you're going to vote for the other guy? From my perspective, Obama is saying what the people want to hear, and McCain is trying to not talk about it because he can maybe fix the country a little bit but nobody wants to hear how he is going to do it. McCain ended the suspension of his campaign early because of Obama going into Republican states and claiming votes, and now the crisis isn't fixed, and people are upset again. Granted McCain probably wouldn't have fixed anything but really? Now Americans are just confused on what they want. MSNBC had an article back in September about the bailout and how McCain and Obama were doing such a good job of backing the bailout, but they had both admitted that their parties played a part in causing the crash so neither deserved a pat on the back. Luckily the article said that both candidates were grinding their teeth and supporting the bailout because it was better than the alternative of doing nothing. Maybe. I would have hoped that either one could have come up with a better idea than the bailout, and gotten it off the ground, however, disappointment again. It will be another sad four years. My poli sci major boyfriend says that we should be 30 before we are aloud to vote, I tell him people should be able to pass economic and poli sci classes before they can vote, unfortunately neither is the case, so another sad four years awaits us.

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