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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More government influence over markets??

This race to the white house, seems to add a lot of influence and changes to the government. Some changes are needed specially with foreign policy, but here in America how much do you really need to change. Gun control is always a big topic, this is a right given to the American people in the constitution and it seems from one of the possible presidents that there should be more loop holes, and taxes added to this right. Seems to me that people like to defend themselves and they should have an opportunity to, but making it way hard for some one to obtain a gun seems unreasonable. It would seem that the more you make something unreachable the more wanting that object becomes. The more of a illegal market is possible for the people that one to get one. I believe that there should be better incentives for sellers to sell guns legally instead of just raising taxes so that they people that do get guns, are qualified people. I believe that these policies should be better researched and given more than"hey let's tax it and they wont buy it". People like their guns and should be able to obtain it and if the government sees a need to control that, they should find a way to be more affective with it than just a plain tax and loop holes.

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