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Friday, October 31, 2008

Health Proposal: Will they help the Uninsured?

There are about 40% of small business owner don’t have health insurance in the U.S, even though government expenditures on healthcare have been rising rapidly. The cost for healthcare is just too expensive for them. As for elderly and also with the low wage earners often turn up here because under the law hospitals must provide emergency room services for all patients.

The two presidential candidates have radically different approaches to the health insurance crisis. According to The Wall Street Journal, John McCain plan was to:
Tax workers on health benefits they get from their employers.
Created high-risk insurance pools to cover people with pre-existing conditions.
Allow insurers to sell health plans across state lines.
Give people tax credit of $2500 per person, or $5000 per family, to defray the cost of insurance.
Many people believe that Sen. John McCain tax plan would actually hurt people who have health conditions and people who are older, because they would not fair as well obtaining health insurance coverage away from their employers.
As for Sen. Barak Obama, his health plan would be:
Require large and medium size employers to provide a health benefit or pay a fee.
Offer new options for the uninsured, including subsidies to buy coverage and a new federal plan.
Expand existing government programs that provide coverage to low-income people.
Require insurers to sell policies to anyone who can pay.
Obama wants to build on the current employer-based system, subsidizing small business that can’t afford insurance. His plan is going to cost taxpayers so much money.

Many hospitals are keeps trying to provide the best treatment possible even though the funds are harder to find. But that rose to a question what if we reach to the breaking point? Well as for that maybe or hopefully that one of these candidates will become president and able to help with this. Well, how can we as an American people let people walk away or die because they can’t afford health insurance?

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