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Friday, October 31, 2008

Health Care

The election season will be over in just a few days. For most, this statement brings joy and relief. So in a few days"change" is coming, either from senator Obama, or senator McCain. One of the major issues that we as Americans are legitimately concerned about, is the changing policies concerning health care.

Simply put, as far as I understand it, McCain plans to subsidize health care by giving a tax credit of $2,500 for individuals and $5,000. And Obama, instead of dealing directly with the American citizen, plans on requiring buisnesses to provide health insurance, or be taxed if they do not. As discussed in class, Obama's plan will change the incentives for businesses and could cause them to cut employees and lower wages. And this would also raise the prices of those who are not under the government indused health insurance program with their employers. This plan may be targeted towards helping those who cannot afford good health care, which is a great and noble target, but when I set it next to the alternative plan from McCain, I think that McCains plan makes more sense and has less inherent negative consequences involved. For if everybody gets the same tax credit towards health care, then those who cannot afford health care are now more able, and everybody gets more choice as to what and where they want to get their health care. McCain's plan in not perfect, but it makes more sense to me than Obama's.

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