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Friday, October 31, 2008

Going green and paying for it...

The recent fad of last few years is to "go green" and many cars now offer the driver the ability to use ethanol blended gasoline. This is cheaper than regular gas and better for the envoirnment. But this comes at a cost...your engine. Mechanics across America have been dealing with engine problems due to the ethanol blend.

“When you mix ethanol with your fuel, you’ve now put a chemical substance in there that’s going to attract moisture, which is going to promote a quicker deterioration of the fuel that you have,” said Bob Magnotti, owner of Magnotti’s Small Engine Service in Roanoke, Va.

This then leaves your car with a sludge or "gummy build up." This can be very harmful to your car and wallet. This has been seen in small engines, such as lawnmowers, trimmers and even boats. The same effect can happen in car engines.

So next time you fill up your green car, remember that it may be good for the envoirnment and your wallet for now, but in the future it just might hurt you!

So this ethanol fuel may have some issues on the vehicles that use it. But this corn based fuel also causes some other issues. Number 1: It has raised the price of corn, and thus has raised the price of corn based food products. Number 2: I have heard reports that this fuel actually releases more harmful green house gases into the atmosphere than regular unleaded fuel. So all in all, corn based ethanol was a horrible idea for giving consumers a break on the high gas prices at the time.
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