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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Right Wing scare tactics.

On the days I get to spend working in the office, I get a change to listen to a lot of talk radio. Most of the people I work with are Democrats, so we listen to a lot of Republican talk radio since it provides a good laugh throughout the day. Recently, we were listening to Chuck Baker, a controversial DJ for the most part, and he goes off on some rant about the economy. In this rant he stated "it is well documented that the economy is in a recession." Now this is just a plain ridiculous statement. I know we all know what the technical definition is for a recession and whether or not we can see one coming in the future has no bearing on this.

What I think is amazing is how he can make this statement. He is supposed to be a representative for the party that represent the majority in this country. But he is a liar. What is even more amazing is when the few republicans I work with come in stating these exact lies as fact. Chuck Baker is influencing, or brainwashing these people to vote a certain way. And it is appalling that people just blindly believe what he says.

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