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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nothing to Celebrate

Bob Schaffer said on “Meet the Press” today, "There is nothing to like about the bailout. It is necessary, I think, however, for the Congress to move forward in a way that reacts to the problems that Congress helped create, in fact led the way to creating, but to suggest that there's something to celebrate is exactly wrong."

Nothing to celebrate is right. Don’t we leave is a society built on the backs of the men and women of this country? It’s their blood, sweat and tears that pays the taxes and built this society up as an economic stronghold. We, the people, are the ones stuck holding the bill and for a bailout that is considered very unpopular. News reporters keep saying that members of congress are constantly receiving calls and emails strong opposing government intervention, again. The United States was different and stood apart from the majority of the world as a county that believe in a free market. Without a free market, there is no American Dream. In a free market, businesses fail. It’s all part of the system. But when government gets involved, setting unrealistic goals, pushing things like affordable-housing, we are no longer talking about a free market. We are talking about a twisted government enforced, regulations for the sake of regulations (or for prompting political issues) system. Government perhaps long ago, stopped playing their role in our economy as fixer of market failures and now is a cause of market failure.

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