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Thursday, May 08, 2008

What would it take for Obama to lose to Clinton?

In this fury of political analyses, one might get lost in all the hoopla surrounding the candidates! But, there is hope. I came across this article on msn.com...


title: Obama Doomsday Scenario Contest Results!

So, clearly at least some people think that Obama have it in the bag. I suppose something can be said about Hillary loaning her campaign 5.6 million dollars... Actually, that is one thing I'd like to comment on. She supposedly gave her campaign 6 million dollars earlier in the running, but what does it mean to loan her campaign money? Is that something that will have to be paid back? How would it get paid back, and by whom? Not to mention, it must be nice to have a measily 11.6 million dollars laying around to contribute and loan to one's campaign! I think she hopes money will win this race for her.

But, we're focusing on Obama right now, so back to his inevitable win.

Readers responded with how Obama might lose, one of my favorites was something along the lines of "There is only one unforgivable crime in America … dogfighting!" by one Tom Bianchi. I like this because it strikes me as ridiculous that a sports star (Michael Vick) could go to prison for some 2 odd years for cruelty to animals... that I assume belonged to him. Sure, I'm an animal-lover and I think Vick is trash for engaging in such a despicable sport, but since when do animals have rights? Since when can government, or animal advocates, dictate what a person can do with his/her private property? Personally, I think Vick was just bored with what was going on around him and hoped dog-fights would entertain him.

You thought I was going to say that football was the despicable sport, didn't you? That I was going to make a play on words for the sake of humor; well, I happen to like football! Speaking of football, my girlfriend doesn't understand the sport at all, so she hates it! I bring this up to come full circle to politics. I think that people don't understand the sport so well, and thus hate politics! This hatred leads to disengagement from their ability to constrain government, and thus hilarious online articles about Obama doomsday speculations. I hope you all got to read it!

The more I understand about predatory governments and the logic of collective action, the more frustrated I get about things going on around me. It's to the point where I am cynical about something as made-for-TV-movie as Hillary dipping into her own personal fortune to run for president! I don't believe she would perform as commander-in-chief, I don't think she would work to understand the encompassing interest of the nation, and I don't think that she is really all that afraid of a nation headed by Obama! I think that the loan she made to her campaign would be paid back, with interest, in the form of book-contracts about being the first woman president, or her come-from-behind win, or some other best-seller piece of garbage that goes down easier for readers of her book(s) than they would otherwise get frustrated over not knowing whats really going on with their country. Instead, they swallow ideas of hope and change and read stupid online articles that do nothing, if not cause a negative contribution to the political-economical edification of the masses.

To think that people would so freely surrender their powers of constraint of government, I'm half a mind to not care as well. Maybe I'll join a political lobby so that I don't feel insignificant. Maybe I'll just pay no attention to politics, the same way my girlfriend pays no mind to football. Or maybe I can hope that neither Clinton nor Obama will be president. Hope... there's that word, again...

Oh, and according to the online article, Third Place was this...

3rd place: Hillary appeals to the Supreme Court, which, based upon a 2000 ruling, decides that the candidate with fewer votes wins the election.—John Kirkbride

Ah... the Supreme Court! Our tool to constrain government and to uphold the Constitution! Funny, but scary at the same time...

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