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Friday, May 16, 2008

West Virginia, not a vacation spot for anyone that is not white or Christian!

In the recent West Virginia Primary Hillary Clinton won by a landslide, the numbers according to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC all had the votes approximately 67% going to Hillary Clinton and 26% going to Barack Obama. This margin is significant due to Obama's recent win in North Carolina by a large majority. So the question remains why did people vote in an overwhelming majority for Clinton instead of Obama. The answer falls right in line with Bryan Caplan’s analysis of rational irrationality with respect to politics. So how does this play into the discussion of Hillary Clintons overwhelming defeat of Barack Obama in West Virginia? Some voters were asked why specifically they voted the way they did, and their responses were shocking, although maybe not if you consider the state in question. According to The Daily show where I saw this news story on May 14th some of the responses were about race, and conflicts the voters have with people of a different race. Also Religion, Obama is a Muslim and some of the voters refused to vote for him based on that, and lastly my favorite one woman said she “didn’t like the Hussein thing”.

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