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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The text book says McCain will win.

Link to the article http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24576479/

So I remember reading a book and it explaining how a politician can win an election by attracting more than fifty percent of the voters. Maybe it was a text book that I read, that would explain the overwhelming obviousness of the statement. Anyway, the main point from what I can remember was that both left and right wing politicians during elections will try to cross over the political boundaries to score some votes. Even though they are going over to enemy territory, the hardcore right or left voters will still vote for them. The politician can rely on the fact that these hardcore voters will not jump ship, well they may lose a few but all will not be lost. This allows the politician the opportunity to grab the moderate votes of the other side, allowing for more than fifty percent of the votes to be obtained.

What does that translate to in real life? We should see that both right and left politicians will cross the line and support typical topics that are supported by their opponents. I just read an article that said that McCain, if elected, would go back to the negotiation table for the Kyoto treaties. He also said the he would like to see the emission levels of the country reduced by dates we will of course not meet. Just as the text book said, McCain is crossing the typical political boundary to score some votes. What I will predict is that Clinton and Obama will battle it out for the hardcore voters that will determine the nomination. They will forget to cross over to the republican side to attract votes for the general election. Mean while, McCain has secured the republican nomination and can focus on gaining the moderate democratic votes. During the general election McCain will have a better chance at winning the presidency because Clinton and Obama were to worried about the super delegates and not putting effort into gaining republican votes. Hum, is this the underlying strategy for Rush Limbaugh’s project chaos or whatever he calls it. Make Clinton and Obama fight tooth and nail to get them all battered up so in the general election whoever wins will be too sore to fight anymore. So going of what the book said, McCain will win the presidency.

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