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Thursday, November 15, 2007

How Your Rights Go Away.

Public vs Private

I am a big fan of a limited government whenever possible. One of the latest pet peeves of mine is the subsidies that government gives to Amtrak, nuclear power plants and to a degree, student loans. It seems that since the beginning of the establishment of our government, the elected have always courted the short-term results in favor of staying in office as opposed to focusing on the long term results. Amtrak has been subsidize for too long and has never turned a profit, college student loans can be accomplish more effectively by private companies same for financing nuclear power lants.

It’s seems that the bigger the government gets the lesser our GDP growth becomes despite the lowering of tariffs and taxes and the Cold War being over. When the GDP growth decreased from 3.70% since the United State was founded to 2.95% from 1990-2006. The one trend that keeps on going up is government spending. How soon will we find our standard of living and our rights going down the trend because of ineffective political leaders? At this rate eventually all of America is going to be owned by the government and we will become our founders own worst dream. .



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