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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

House Bill

Link to article http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/10/25/schip.vote/index.html
The House of Representatives passed a newer version of the unpopular child health care insurance program leading America to a more doomed command society once again. Democrats said this new version changed some aspects of the previously vetoed bill to quench the concerns of the Republicans. The new changes include, tightening restrictions on illegal immigrants from receiving benefits, putting an income limit on families to qualify and preventing adults from also receiving benefits. These are huge concerns that should have been addressed in the first bill. It seems that the people that are pushing this bill are starting with a very wide bill to try and get as much funding as they can squeeze out of the American people. When that doesn’t work tighten up the bill a little and ask for the same amount of funding as before and try again.
President Bush vetoed the first bill on October 3rd because of concerns that it would give incentives for families to move away from private health insurance to the government funded program. President Bush was right to veto a bill that would give incentives for people to move from a self-sufficient life to one dependent on the government, it’s inefficient. When people can get something for less money they will demand more of it. When it’s something free, people will go nuts for it. This child health insurance bill will offer cheap or even free insurance to people and they will demand a huge quantity of it. There might not be enough of it to go around so the new restrictions of the new bill are a good way of limiting the huge demand. The bill is getting more efficient at helping the people it is intended to help and reducing the number of people it is not meant for. It also has another benefit, it is getting people used to the idea that the government can decide what is best and that free markets are cold and evil. It chips away at the liberties and bank accounts of the people who have to front the cash for the bill. People will so learn that freedom and liberty are not as good as getting something for free. Good job government, here, want to take my sanity too?

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