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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The government is saving our lives!

There is an amazing rate of diabetes in the world right now. Surprisingly the US is not leading the charts with the most cases. Europe is leading because the sugar there is cheaper than the sugar in the US. There is a big concern on the amount of diabetes cases in the developing countries. The sugar is really cheap in those areas and they will soon pass up Europe in the number of people with the disease very soon. The US has strict taxes that make sugar substantially more expensive than many other places in the world. In the end the government is saving lives by keeping the price of sugar up. I think that the sugar tax need to remain to keep the sugar consumption at a lower rate then the rest of the world. Many can't stand the government, but they are saving your life and you just don't know it.

Do you want to suggest that a tax on sugar is efficient?
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