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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lets hope that this does not become a Reality!

I just visited the Hillary Clinton website and found something that caught my eye.

This is Hillary Clintons’ Stand on fixing global warming give the oil companies a choice that will hurt their business either way. They can choose from a fund to help research, deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean coal technology, ethanol and other homegrown biofuels, and more.” The other choice is to invest in renewable energy them selves. This will not go over well with the oil companies because this will hurt their profits of developing something that will cause them to loose business later on. More oil and higher oil prices are good signs for oil companies. Who will have to pick up the extra funds that go to research? How about the average American? Will the oil companies have to pay for the development or will we have to through higher gas prices? Also the homegrown biofuels cause the price of corn to rise and it makes it so the lower income family will have a harder time getting the food they need to survive.

Hillary Clinton will also eliminate tax breaks for oil companies that are drilling on public land. This will scare the development of finding new oil sources in America and that will cause the United States to be Dependant on foreign oil. This idea will also scare any current oil companies that are drilling today in the United States to move elsewhere where it is cheaper to drill. For the companies that stay they will be forced to charge more for their oil and the consumer will have to pay more at the pump. This is all so that the oil companies will have to pay more just because they are drilling on public land and the oil they drill is a good for the general public. Nuts!

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