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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Education Vouchers

Education vouchers are a controversial topic in education. The oppoisition argues that a voucher system will increase inequality and leave behind the less privileged students. However, with vouchers in place the standard of education would rise significantly. Schools would have to compete for students and this will in turn rise the quality of education in general. Meaning that every student would be better off not just the privileged few.

If parents are allowed to take their voucher funds to private schools, then we could see a prominent increase of private schools into education. The increased presence of the private sector will increase the quality of education in both state run schools and currently functioning private schools. We all know that government operates inefficiently, and that govenrment funded programs do not face any incentives to improve quality. A voucher system along with a more prominent role of the private sector in education could drastically improve America's education system.

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