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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Immigration policy

In recent plans to work with the immigration issues the White house has put fourth a document to give visas to undocumented immigrants but they have to pay big fines to do so. This is a major step forward for the states that are surrounding Mexico. The majority of the immigrants appear to be in the states surrounding Mexico. The visa idea will only be a temporary card allowing the illegals to be legal for three years. To become fully legal with a green card the immigrants must go to the U.S. Embassy and pay $10K in order to gain full citizenship. Along with the visas being given out the policy plan also has other incentives. The other major part of the policy plan of the immigration problem is to have stronger border patrol items such as more border patrol members, more fencing and better electronic tracking systems. The plan is also setting out to try and not allow the passing out of green cards to illegal immigrants children or siblings. The policy still has some kinks that need to be worked out but the numbers of illegals is being reduced with policies such as the this improved immigration policy. The previous policies set up the framework to help get more illegals the option to be legal in this country.

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