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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Global Warming to Global Rocking

I just finished reading an article about Al Gore wanting to have a Live Earth concert. Many imediate thoughts came to mind, some obvious, some not so.

My immediate action was to scroll down and see who would be preforming at the concert event. Whom did I see listed? Snoop Dogg, Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others. Try to remember back with me many years ago when Gore's wife, Tipper, co-founded the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC). I believe it is because of her that we now have explicit warning labels on our music. I don't see her standing by her husbands side in any of the press photos. I wonder if we'll even see her at the concert.

Most assumably, there will be funds rasied during the concert. Where wil they go? Proceeds from the concerts will fund initiatives by the Save Our Selves (S.O.S.) campaign. Where will the money go then? I think the trail will wind as such:

Al Gore's first movie did not do as well as it was predidcted. This must be true, otherwise would we need a concert of such magnatude? So, there is definately a need for funds, but for what. Can Save Our Selves give money to the planet, like Farm Aid gave money to farmers or Live Aid gave money to Africa? I'm not sure how the money can be used to directly stop global change. I am, however, pretty certain how it can indirectly turn into a bootlegger.

Save Our Selves needs to do more than just run a web site or place ads telling us how we are causing global climate change. Obviously for Gore, he is not getting the response he wants by asking people to change their habits, or even making a movie about global climate change(although I'm pretty sure it will be a shoe-in for an Oscar, Hollywood loves politics). What else can he do? He will need a way to coerse people into change. My bet is that if the concert makes enough money to influence the right person (oh, I don't know- maybe Hillary who just recently endorsed bio-fuels in Iowa), then we will definately see legislature spring into action creating at least new laws, or even new taxes to coerse me into giving up some, if not a lot, of economic freedoms.

I remember hearing that in the last election how the youth vote was not even close to what the Dems wanted. The movie for sure did not reach the youth it wanted to either. I wonder, will music stars now be able to sing about global change and bring the youth on board?

On the Save Our Selves website, they have ways in which to save energy. One is to use compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. I heard on the radio the other day some one in government wants to ban incandescent light bulbs. Hmm, GE makes and sells the most CFL bulbs. I wonder if they are the bootleggers. If you see GE as a sponsor at the event, I'd be suspicious. On the S.O.S. website they say; "If each person in the U.S. installed CFLs, 100 power plants could be retired today. " Which power plants would close? I'm pretty sure we would see some sort of legislation from the government protecting them. Maybe a subsidy?

Take a look at the S.O.S. website http://liveearth.msn.com/?GT1=9033. Microsoft just happens to be a sponsor of the concert. What do they get? Maybe less hassle about being a monopoly? Will we see more support for the dems from microsoft in the next election?

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