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Monday, May 01, 2006

Mexico and Mary Jane?

It seems that the Mexican government has figured out that the way to an efficient allocation of marijuana. The Mexican equivilant to congress has passed measures that would allow small amount possession of (not only weed, but most other drugs as well) for consumption. The bill has been passed along to the Mexican President for ratification. The US still doesn't get it. It isn't a matter of right or wrong, it is a matter of individual liberty such that it is my right to harm/enhance my person by what ever means I choose. If that so happens to be by the consumption of hallucinagenic herbs/pills/substance, then so be it.

However, being one of the pioneers in the drug legalization process, it seems that Mexico is getting quite a large amount of criticizm on the subject. And most likely will until the United States understands that the efficient amount of anything, drugs or otherwise is not an amount equal to zero.

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