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Monday, April 03, 2006

Confusing Tax Credits For Education Vouchers

Vouchers are just food stamps for education. You get a coupon of “government money” which can be used at any kind of school. The biggest risk is that vouchers will destroy private schools. Governments have and will put restrictions upon private schools in order to make them eligible to receive the school stamps.

Tax credits for education are getting your money back. So if you pay $20,000 in taxes and have $20,000 in tuition you get the $20,000 back. Most important, if you are Bank of America and you have $100 million in taxes you can set up a scholarship program and get a $100 million tax credit. Most important is that the tax credits be unlimited.

Of course, the ideal is a totally private education system and no taxes. That doesn’t appear to be on the immediate horizon, but it is what we should be what we are fighting for. Tax credits are a temporary step.

Looks like some are still working for them in a very limited way in some states. But they have not grasped the unlimited part. Let’s think of the children. And some have vouchers and tax credits confused.

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