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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What is Right? Who Decides?

Daniel O'Connor:
"Assuming for the sake of discussion that we can adequately define and measure degrees of economic allocation, distribution, scale, and depth, what can we say about right allocation, right distribution, right scale, and right depth? Given the positive economic truths, what are these normative economic rights? Who decides?

Because the ecological economists have already put a proposal on the table for three out of the four normative judgments, it might be useful to start with this. As they see it, economics must seek the appropriate means via market, state, and social processes to the desired ends of efficient allocation, fair distribution, and sustainable scale. "
The blog post this comes from is right on our topic for this coming Monday's class. I want to encourage you to read over it, and consider an analysis of what you read here. We can discuss it on Monday.

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