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Friday, March 31, 2006

Colorado's Required Compensation Time?

It has come to my attention that there is the proposal of a bill that would require employers in Colorado to offer "uncompensated time off" for employees for use at their liesure. I was shocked to find out that this bill was actually going to go so far as being voted on in the State Legislature.

Under what power, either from the economic efficiency framework or the individual liberty platform, does government have the right to effectively implement and enforce such an absurd requirement.

In short the governement has listened to a few individuals who believe that requiring their employer to reliquish and additional 30 hours of unpaid leave time is the way to go about getting what they need. I understand the reasoning behind such measures. Parents very often need to get to their child's school in order to address parent/teacher conferences, etc. However, what kind of message does this send to those employees who are without child? Are we opening the door for such discrimination in the work place?

It should be the employer's choice to offer such benefits to individuals, and the individual's choice to seek out such employers in the workforce. It should not under any circumstances be governments role to mandate such policy that requires workplaces to incur the additional cost of these measures.

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