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Friday, March 31, 2006

AARP Seeks More Government Funding

The local AARP of Black Forest marched at the state capitol last week in hopes to increase spending for local senior citizens. After the recession in 2000 the state spending decreased by more than half (from $4.5 million to $2million) The House has passed a bill to increase spending to $3 million, while there are still hopes to add another $1 million dollars from the State General Fund.

One of the concerns that the people had was that “a statewide survey showed that, wile most seniors have enough to eat, 8 percent (or 6.200) in the area do not eat two or more meals a day.” Another concern that the article mentioned was that of low funding for hearing aids and dental care. This got me thinking about how much money government is putting into senior citizen programs. Not only are they throwing our money away with Social Security, but other programs that smaller and more individualized. I wonder why the government is spreading funding out to several different resources so that when funding gets pulled from one of them, there is uproar.

Social Security, the way it stands now is a joke. People need to realize that if there isn’t going to be a change with Social Security than by the looks of it current senior citizens are going to be benefiting greater than when this generation ages. It seems that we are now learning more about savings and investments (but not everyone). How can it help to ask the government for more money and more money and just know that we are going to have that debt for a future generation?

Families should be the first to jump in if a loved one is legitimately unstable with their finances. Otherwise, there needs to be one program provided by the government that is set to help those in need. It seems that we could save money by condensing all of these programs (or even eliminating some).

*The article about the march was found in the March 22, 2006 Tribune

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