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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wal-Mart Liberals

Arnold Kling:
"The biggest beneficiaries of the Wal-Mart law are likely to be people who are better off than Wal-Mart workers. For example, owners of other businesses will be able to charge higher prices and earn higher profits.

In the liberal morality tale, Wal-Mart is a villain, and its workers are victims. However, Wal-Mart workers themselves feel lucky to be able to work there. What low-skilled workers need are more Wal-Marts. More Wal-Marts would increase employment for low-skilled workers, and ultimately this could drive up wages for such workers."
I think Kling's commentary offers a useful perspective that one needs to consider when doing policy analysis. You should read the entire piece.

Maybe they should get rid of the door greeters. Do we really need somone to give us a basket and a non-heartfelt hello when you walk in. That would help with cutting back on the payroll giving more money to spend on programs for their other employees.
I assume you wouldn't want to make your suggestion as a matter of public policy. Correct?
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