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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The war over CHRISTMAS

This Christmas there has been a lot of discussion over the word "christmas." There are books published and sold in the market place that argue the rights of Christmas. I took the time to think about this fact, economically.
The people on the left, ACLU, and religious activist are disputing the chrismas name. This discussion has prompted the economy, market for christmas, to expand. Again, there are books, posters, websites, TV shows, news articles, magazines, and many other media paths that are degrading the Christmas name. The principle they don't see is that they are creating a revolt against revolting.
Sears, and many other retailers are posting signs that read, "Marry Christmas." They have not done this in years. Now that there is talk about this topic, it is creating a marketing strategy for many retail establishments. There are people, I am one of them, that will purchase a product form an organization that acknowledges Christmas. It is not for the fact that I am Christian, however, it markets to me. They are displaying a theme that is universal. The word at its roots is Christian based. The idea is gratitude. Most people are happy for having a great year. The celebration of Christmas is just that time to show everyone else your happiness.
Christmas is the largest time for sales year round. It bumps up sales, considerably. The two largest record sales dates are associated with Christmas. I understand the religious aspect of Christamas, however, in business terms they should enjoy the spike sales associated with this time frame.
In economic reality Christmas is a time for increased sales and market expansion. Christmas shows the market dynamics of every industry. Retail, ie. clothing and apparel see enormous growth in sales. Home sales and construction see declines during these time frames. The dynamics of the Christmas season allow the world to identify the true trends and possibilities of markets.
The discussion of Christmas creates a large marketing opportunity. It is possible to sell anything at Christmas. You can sell a book titled, " Why Christmas is Bad," the only reason it sells is due to the time frame it encompasses. There has got to be a reason to have spike sales in every culture. Spike sales are a part of every culture throughout all of history. There is a time frame in which sales jump for a given market, for a given reason. The Western world has Christmas to thank for the spike sales and gifts along the way, whether it be celebration of the birth of Christ, or the bonus check you receive for making sales plan.

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