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Thursday, December 01, 2005

It Just Doesn't Work That Way

I recently noted that a sound motto for an economist interested in public policy was:


Here is an interesting addendum from Jane Jacobs:
"But in the schools of planning and architecture, and in Congress, state legislatures and city halls too, the Decentrists' ideas were gradually accepted as basic guides for dealing constructively with big cities themselves. This is the most amazing event in the whole sorry tale: that finally people who sincerely wanted to strengthen great cities should adopt recipes frankly devised for undermining their economies and killing them." (21)
Is this perhaps an amazing truth with respect to government more generally? People in government want to help and to choose a better course, yet it seems quite commonplace for many of those people to choose to support public policies that move in quite the opposite direction.

The concept of the politicians working for the society is correct. The way they act in some instances may sku our perception, however. If we are to judge the politicians for their actions, we must look at them in their entirety. Their goal is to stay in office. They can not attain this goal if they go off on tangent courses. They are trying to please the majority, if they do so they will be reelected. Some times the politicians act incorrectly. This will never change. We just need to create a politician that will please everyone, all the time.
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