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Friday, December 16, 2005

Government Phone Tapping

I recently found out that the government has been spying on people’s phone lines and emails. They seem to be particularly targeting those who are part of an Anti-War group or those who are part of an American-Muslim community. The people of NAS are listening to their overseas phone conversations as well as checking their emails. Although they say that the government is saying that they are doing so in order to protect the American’s form terrorist attacks as well as being as in tune with the information as possible, it seems a pretty lousy way of showing us they care.

The President himself said that he had promised us that we would do anything in order for us to not experience another 9/11, as long as it was lawful, but even so, even though the Muslim’s may be spying on, I believe they too have the rights of an American person. I’m unsure that they are being treated fairly. I would consider this racism by the government as they are supposed to be protecting us and not humiliating us or judging us based on where we are from.

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