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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Flat Tax Fiasco Is Right

It strikes me as odd, in this day in age, at the gross misunderstanding people have about the concept of a flat tax. One may have a predisposition for or against, but when models and data come together, the answer seems all too obvious in regard to the flat tax.

In an article written by Douglas Dunn, political commentator and author, he suggests that the current progressive tax system is more than adequate in regard to the equal distribution of tax burden. I beg to differ. His article boasts the fact that a flat tax system would only "make the rich, richer" while "squeezing the middle." Again, I beg to differ. A flat tax system would truly create an equal burden when it comes to the taxation system in our nation.

The main concern of a flat tax being adopted, besides political insecurity, is the idea that we would levy an undesirable burden upon the poorer members of the nation. This fact may be true, however, I would suggest the increased tax return for those members of society. It seems far more equal to return money paid in tax dollars throughout the year, than it does to completely eliminate the tax responsiblity of those accepting the same public goods and club goods, as those of us with a larger tax base.

A flat tax starting at $40K coupled with little to no tax on savings or investment would do wonders for the poor, the economy, and personal freedom in the US.
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