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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Salmon--a true market

This post is cited to elicid a response from readers. The truth is that there is a market for salmon in the world. The issue is the control of the market by the government. Does the world need a control over the manufacturing of salmon?
The places investigated for salmon problems were Europe South America and North America. This salmon comes from "salmon farms, " mainly. The article was written to show the problems that arrise from eating "farmed salmon." The article shows that farmed salmon increase risk of cancer in people that eat it. The highest risk comes from that of the
European fish, second is the North American salmon, followed last by the South American fish. The investigators believe the problem stems from the duration of industry in the area. The farmed fish eat a fish oil that is made from the local fish.
The article states, "To determine whether the heart health benefits of farmed salmon were worth the risk, researchers used advisories developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for cancer effects and the fish consumption advisory issued by the American Heart Association." This is the concern of the blog.
The writers want the government to control the salmon market. I do not believe that the government needs to be involved. The world would opperate much faster if the government was not involved. If we had economic freedom, the fish market would find some price, much lower, for the farmed fish, than for the fish caught using traditional methods. In reading this article it was amazing that there was such intense thought put into the matter. The market will determine the price people are willing to pay for the cancer producing fish. If people want to eat fresh fish, they will have to pay a higher price.
I like this article because it imposes some rediculous thought in the brain. If a fish is proven to have cancerous cells in it, the market will provide a price. The government has no role in the food and drug markets. The world would understand and create influencial businesses that would stamp a food that has cancerous cells in it. It would create a market for the fresh fish.
All in all, this article shows how the government should not play a role in many sectors of the economy.

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