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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Katrina & K-12 Vouchers

"Hey, this sounds like a voucher, we can't be doing things that way. It might work and things could then get out of hand. Vouchers in Colorado for higher education. Now vouchers proposed for helping children after Katrina. People may be starting to see there is wisdom in education vouchers, eh?"
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I STILL don't see anywhere in the US constitution that the national government has any power to regulate or support education.

Another unrelated question: There is a lot of noise in the news about the Exxon/Mobil oil profits. I just looked up the profit margin for XOM and it seems to be only about 10%. IBM and GE are in the same range. GM, of course, is losing money.

The news often refers to the "75% increase in profit", which is the same game they played back in the early 80s.

If anyone thinks the oil companies are making on obscene profit, perhaps they should just buy the stock and put it in their retirement portfoliio. Since when was a profit a bad thing?

Could one of you folks with economic background put the oil profit level in perspective?
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