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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Economics in immigration

This blog is going to identify the economics of immigration into the United States, the policies that America has to immigration, as well as the perscriptions to this issue. America is the "land of opportunity." There are many ways for a immigrant to increase their way of life. The immigrants come to America here for many reasons, such as; monitary, occupational, educational, healthcare, and cultural differences. This immigration to America creates issues that are on the minds of many politicians and policy makers.

America has been open to the legal immigrants entering the country from our independence. The legal immigrants are allowed to enter the country for the main purpose of increasing their ability to produce goods and services, as well as to increase the American GNP. The immigrants that are legal provide increased tax revenue, and increased G&S to the economy. This is good for the economy. The problem has now become the illegal immigrants. Illegal imigrants come to the country through uncontrollable means. The American government can not control the influx of these people currently. This creates a proble for the economy. The policy of controling the illegal immigrants is broken.

The influx of illegal immigrants provides a problem for the economy of America. "the presence of immigrants tends to “crowd out” natives in the education system, particularly at the secondary school level." says Chris Minns. This is a problem for the market. If Americans are being pushed out of the school system, they will loose the human capital that could have been included in the American economy. Anothe issue is that of medical care. Chris quotes Janet Currie who states, "the children of immigrants are more likely to be eligible for Medicaid than are the children ofnative-born Americans." This is an increase cost to American citizens who are providing illegal immigrants with free health care. Illegal immigrants also crowd our legal system. Illegal's spend more time in our prisons, increase prison population, and cost America more money. The illegal immigrants also create a convergence of American wages. The FPE, Factor Price Equalization, of labor entails the fact that Americans are going to be paid less, for working, than they would if there were no immigrants. This creates a dissutility for some Americans.

The American population needs to take serious the problem of immigration. There has already been an exponential growth of new immigrants. The historetic effect, or idea that the past will determine our future is true. The more immigrants that are allowed in the country the easier it will be for the future generations of immigrants to move to America. The government needs to control the boarders, and decrease the benefits of moving here. In California there are public schools that teach in Spanish. This makes the immigration easier. The increase of immigration will decrease wages and increase overall costs to the American population. I perscribe that we enforce the practice of the English language, increase the cost to move, increase boarder patrol, and engage in the repopulation of mexico with mexicans. We need to make it easier to punish the illegal immigrants, and the deportation of such people easier. It is time for America to identify the problems of immigration.

What is the cost of the loss of human capital due to poorly administered, byzantine legal immigration policy? We train some fine scientists and engineers here, then send them packing back to their homelands, even if they want to stay here and work. Then we complain about outsourcing. We fail to allow in workers that are willing to work hard, then reward those that come in illegally.

Perhaps if we were a little more prompt in processing legal immigration we might have a better situation.
If the problem is illegal immigration, why not make it legal? Is the population growth in the United States from immigration a real issue?
The problem is not the legal immigration. We have many doctors and highly educated people that come here for education an blow off their home lands in order to stay. This is not the issue. The problem is that the illegals are coming in, not paying taxes, being held in our prisons, and basically costing us billions of dollars a year. If we can allow the process of deportation to move faster, the issue would not be so dramatic. The illegals would know that "if" they make it across, they will be caught and prosecuted, then shipped back home in a matter of days, not months or years.

Illegal immigration is a huge issue. Illegal immigrants are costing you, individually, your family, and your friends money. I do not like the fact that I am paying for some illegal immigrant's healthcare, school, and residence. This is not a benefit to society. If we can track, ie. tax, the immigrant we will be improving our country. The issue is that it is cost not a benefit.
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Hello all!
Wonderful blog.
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