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Saturday, September 17, 2005

"I am responsible" - President Bush on Katrina

Well, what he really said was, "Four years after the frightening experience of September 11th, Americans have every right to expect a more effective response in a time of emergency. When the federal government fails to meet such an obligation, I as president am responsible for the problem, and for the solution. "

The link includes the entire transcript of the President's speech.

If there's one think I don't understand about our President, it's the fact that he seems to somehow be able to bring up terrorism with every topic/speech. I also don't understand how he could possibly be responsible for Katrina (since he is responsible for the "problem"). What happened in Louisiana was a natural disaster. No human could possibly predict how hard mother nature would hit. The weather team in Louisiana, Mississippi, and the other states affected could all make a close approximation, but they could hardly be accurate.

I choose to call the most affected area Louisiana, rather than New Orleans, because of the surrounding cities of New Orleans were also affected, some even heavier than New Orleans because of the eye of the hurricane.

I'm sure the authoritative people in Louisiana, and the other states did the best they could. I'm also sure I would feel differently if I was, or knew, anyone that was affected. If some people didn't want to leave their homes even after they were ordered to do so, that was their decision to make. Putting the blame on different people, after the fact, can hardly do us any good. All we can do now is help fix the damage caused by Katrina.

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